A monastic life rooted in . . .


Community life calls us to be a real family. We draw strength from meditating on the love of Mary and Elizabeth in the joyful mystery of the Visitation. Our older Sisters share their experience and wisdom with our younger sisters, through their life of joy and simplicity.

In a spirit of generosity and gratitude to God, we share our gifts in community and in self-giving service. This giftedness is expressed in our work, which includes monastic tasks such as gardening, manual labor, cooking, and working in the Refectory, Sacristy, Retreat area, and Infirmary. There are also many other opportunities to be creative and to use the skills that God has given us. Encouragement and appreciation are ways that we help one another discover these unique gifts.

At mealtime we are nourished not only physically but spiritually, as we listen to the writings of our great Catholic saints and authors. This helps us live more fully our prayer life and community life, in following their examples and inspirations.


Daily recreation allows us to grow in our relationships with one another, as we come together in a family spirit, enjoying wholesome relaxation. Our Holy Mother, St. Jane de Chantal, desired that in our recreations and conversations, we would act in goodness, simplicity, and innocence, and that we should converse together joyously and cordially sharing together our thoughts on the holy things we have learned or the thoughts which occur on the different things that happen. She wanted us to speak in holy freedom of spirit, having no constraint or fear of anything but of displeasing God, whom we wish to please by our free and innocent recreations.

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