161st Anniversary Of Foundation

visitationbrooklynSaturday September 24, 2016 is the 161st Anniversary of the Founding of the Visitation Monastery in Brooklyn- and Brooklyn’s FIRST CONTEMPLATIVE, CLOISTERED community.

Our current location in Bay Ridge is the fourth. The Sisters moved here in 1903, but prior to that resided on Clinton Avenue and two  other sites before that address, Lawrence St and Johnson St.

We remind all parishes that we are here and always welcome retreatants to share the experience of monastic life.

Pray for us as we do for you, every day.

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ATTENTION: Sunday Mass Time Change

This Sunday September 18, 2016 Mass at Visitation Monastery will be at 8AM.

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Remembering: When Mother was on EWTN

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Celebrating St Teresa of Calcutta at the Brooklyn Visitation Monastery

Sunday September 4th 2016 was a special day as Mother Teresa became St Teresa of Calcutta. Here at the Monastery we had our 9AM Mass and afterward invited all those in the congregation to place their petitions to the new Saint before her statue with the second class relic, the chair St Teresa used while visiting us, offered to each person.

IMG_3636IMG_3596Academy Celebration


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Remembering Bl. Theresa of Calcutta’s Visit to Brooklyn Visitation Monastery

As we prepare for the canonization of Blessed Mother Theresa on September 4, 2016, our community in Bay Ridge is recalling Mother’s visit to our Monastery in 1986.

While only three Sisters currently in the Monastery were here at that time, as the rest of us entered since then, that day is recalled every evening at recreation when one of us sits in the CHAIR that Mother Theresa sat in!IMG_0242The metal plaque on this chair recalls the exact date of Mother Theresa’s visit:








At the time, Mother Marie Anatrella was Superior of our Brooklyn Visitation community.  One of the Missionaries of Charity was making a retreat in our Monastery, and Mother Theresa came to speak with her, as her Superior. Mother Marie took the opportunity to have the Saint speak to all the Visitandine Sisters in our Library Room.

As Mother Theresa was leaving, our students from the Visitation Academy were ending their school day and encountered the Saint on her way out. She lovingly and graciously gave the children medals.

If YOU were one of those children, perhaps you’d like to recall a memory? Write us and we will be happy to post it!

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More Photos of Solemn Profession of Sr. Ana Maria

Most Reverend James Massa presided at the Solemn Profession Liturgy at Brooklyn Visitation Monastery with concelebrating priests and Deacon John.

IMG_3436Pictured from left to right are: Msgr Joe Nugent, Rev. Richard Bretone, Sr. Ana Maria, Bishop James Massa, Mother Susan Marie, Rev Gerald Knapp,CssR and Deacon John.

Sister is welcomed by the Visitation community after pronouncing her Vows in this short video.


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Sr Ana Maria Professes Solemn Vows

The heat of this August day was no match for the burning flames of the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ Love for Sister as she made her lifelong commitment to Him. Sat. Aug 13, 2016 will be marked forever in our Monastery as one of great joy ! IMG_3409Sr Ana Maria signs her name to her handwritten vows after pronouncing them in the Chapel Sanctuary. More to come…

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Strolling through the Fields

Waling thru the French field with Visitandines


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French Trip Video

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A Special Retreat

IMG_20160717_082150294Two years ago the Superior of Brooklyn Visitation Monastery was given a gift to make her annual retreat at our Founding Monastery of the Visitation in Annecy, France. She finally “opened” the gift this past July 9-18, 2016 and what a blessing it was!

Set atop a very high hill next to the Basilica of the Visitation, the Monastery overlooks a large portion of the city of Annecy and the blue depths of the Lake of Annecy, dotted with sailboats, paddleboats and swimmers, encircled by the majestic foothills of the Alps.IMG_20160717_082142236


The presence of God both within the monastic walls and outdoors among His unmatched Creation, is so palpable.

To realize that our revered Founders, St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal, Holy Father and Holy Mother, looked upon the same scenes and were inspired by them, only added to the beauty and poignancy of this retreat.


During the days there Mother was privileged to live among our Visitation Sisters, and the spirit of the community was like a gently lapping wave spreading a peaceful joy amidst the retreat.

The Sisters live an authentic monastic life and their days are full! On some evenings when Mother shared recreation with them, the laughter was contagious, even though she did not always understand  the humor because of their charming French and her weakness in the language.

Mother was also blessed to visit the tombs of our Holy Founders within the Basilica and walk though the Holy Doors of Mercy positioned there for this special year.


The morning begins with the melodious sound of wake-up chimes at 5 minutes to 6 Am and ring again at 6A and 620A as the Sisters begin their morning meditation.

IMG_20160711_113314035Mass in the little chapel follows and laity are ushered in to the Sisters’ Chapel for Mass and Morning prayer, and then ushered out.

Petite-dejeuner or breakfast follows, silently, in the refectory, and then work begins, until the other hours of prayer, meals and recreation.

Please pray for this gentle community as they continue to live out the Salesian charism of our Order.

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