Advent in the Monastery

Our Lady provides the perfect example of our vocationThis evening we begin the most reverent and mystical season of Advent.

The Monastery is a silent stronghold of prayerful preparation as Sisters move about, getting the Advent wreaths and candles into their holders, setting out the Advent blessings, changing their Divine Office breviaries to Volume 1, in blue, choosing Sunday’s Advent hymns and heartfully anticipating the grace of this holy season before the commemoration of Christ’s birth.

Outside the Monastery on the green lawn, the Advent season is advanced, as we have a children’s Academy and the Nativity scene is already up in readiness for the school’s tree-lighting ceremonies on December 6th.

But within, we will prepare our souls with appropriate Advent spiritual reading, both privately and in the refectory, modifying our consumption with a moderate fast from treats, and praying the exquisite antiphons and psalms of this holy time.

Jesus is coming, once again, in memory as a baby and in the present with His peace-filled blessings for each one of us inhabiting our world, so often in tension.

Jesus, who so wants us to live in Him and for Him and by Him, calls us to remember, proclaim and live Him.


Also, in gratitude, we thank Maimonides Hospital for their loving, gracious contribution to our tree-lighting ceremony. From Bay Ridge, we are grateful for their leadership in helping us all live as one people, of various faiths, united in true charity.

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More Photos of the First Profession

Sister’s Choir: Opening of the Eucharistic Liturgy


Celebrant: Sister, what do you ask of God and the Church?

Novice: I, Sister Mary Louise, ask the mercy of the Lord and for love of God our Savior, the grace to be received to Holy profession, in this Monastery of the Visitation of Holy Mary, to consecrate myself to the service of God and His Church, in chastity, obedience and poverty.


The Congregation:

IMG_1398Family, friends, Daughters of St Francis de Sales, candidates, employees and school students and families witness Sr. Mary Elizabeth’s First Profession in the Sacred Heart Chapel.




Receiving the Black Veil, the Cross and the Constitutions, and her new Name Sister Mary Elizabeth

The Entire Community Renews their Vows:Sister Mary Elizabeth Greets her family:

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First Vows at Visitation Monastery

On Saturday November 21st, 2015 Sr. Mary pronounced her First Vows  in the presence of Fr Peter Sharpe and Msgr Hardiman, receiving the new name of Sr. Mary Elizabeth.



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Sister to Pronounce First Vows on Saturday November 21

Sr Mary BushyOn the Feast of the Presentation, Saturday November 21, 2015 Sr. Mary will make her temporary Profession of the Vows of poverty, chastity and obedience at Visitation Monastery, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Holy Mass will be at 1PM in the Sacred Heart Chapel of the Monastery, and  will be celebrated by Fr. Peter Sharpe and our Pastor, Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Hardiman, of St. Patrick’s Church.

Please pray for Sr. Mary as she answers the call of Jesus!

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Brooklyn Sister to Attend Consecrated Life in Communion, Rome, 2016

yclTwo Sisters from both the First and Second Federations of the Visitation Order in the United States are planning to accept the invitation from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and attend the special week in Rome called “Consecrated Life in Communion”.

A Brooklyn Visitandine is pleased to be among the group!

These four Sisters are in the early stages of arranging transportation and are interested in finding out if there are any other American Religious planning to attend and whether there are collaborative efforts being made for travel overseas.

If so, please contact us at

The Visitandines preparing for the journey represent the Visitation Monasteries of Brooklyn, NY, Minneapolis, MN, Mobile, AL.  and Rockville, VA.

The week’s schedule in Rome includes the following events and gatherings:


Auditorium Antonianum – Viale Manzoni, 1 – 00185 Roma



Auditorium Antonianum

Registration and Reception


Prayer Vigil together with the other forms of Consecrated Life

FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2016 · Consecrated life in communion

9:00- 19:00

Vatican: Paul VI Hall

A Day in Communion

The common foundation in the diversity of the forms




Vatican: Paul VI Hall

Audience with Pope Francis


Vatican: Paul VI Hall

Final Message together with the other forms of Consecrated Life


Feast of the Presentation of the Lord – Day of Consecrated Life


Vatican: St Peter’s Papal Basilica

Eucharistic Celebration presided by Pope Francis


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NEWSFLASH! Brooklyn Visitandines Wake Up the World

bkBrooklyn Diocesan Net Tv featured the Visitation Sisters Sunday November 1, 2015 at 7pM on “Wake Up the World”

Watch it here:

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National Vocations Awareness Week Nov 1-7

BrooklynVisitationSisters2015AGoetzeIMG_7570The Visitation Sisters invite you to consider a Vocation to our monastic way of life, and during this week you might find it helpful to post your questions in our chatroom here:

Just sign in as a guest and post your question!

We will reply to them in the chat room or with a special post dedicated to answering your questions!

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Brooklyn Visitation Monastery Honored as “Pioneer Community” in Diocese

250px-James_Cathedral_north_jehOn Sunday October 25, 2015 The Brooklyn Diocese gathered religious communities and the lay faithful at St James Cathedral to celebrate Mass and “honor the roots” of religious life in Brooklyn/Queens.

All religious present renewed their vows after the moving homily by Bishop Paul Sanchez, Celebrant.

Seven religious communities were called out in particular for a blessing as being the pioneer communities to serve the Diocese. Each also received a candle with the community’s logo.

Visitation Monastery was one of the seven and holds the distinction as the first contemplative, cloistered, monastic Order in the Brooklyn Diocese. Founded here in 1855, it also happens to be Visitation’s 160th anniversary this year!

Representing the community at the Mass was the Superior Mother Susan Marie  VHM and Sr. Mary Cecilia VHM.

The blessing which Bishop Sanchez prayed was “Eternal light of the world, the courageous men and women of these “pioneer” Religious Congregations, whom we honor here today, remind us of how much radiance can be emitted from the glow of a single, small candle. Their light, passed on through their numerous ministries, has guided and befriended countless members of the Church in Brooklyn and Queens.”

The congregation responded ” May the Light of Christ always be with them to surround them, strengthen them and watch over their lives of service to the Gospel of Jesus.

The Tablet has a fine article about this day:


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Lovely Night of Prayer at Candlelight Rosary

This beautiful experience of honoring the Mother of God in the Presence of Her Son at Visitation with Sisters, students and families will become a new tradition.

Here are some memories of this night on the Feast of St John Paul 11:


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Want to Discern at Visitation Monastery? St. Jane can help! Free- e book here

Are you at a roadblock in your discernment? Do you feel that you are getting nowhere as you seek God’s purpose for your life? You are not alone. In “Discerning with Saint Jane” you will find a saintly guide to walk with you on your discernment journey. The wisdom of Saint Jane de Chantal will be there to help you look at the discernment process in a way that you might never have before. She will be there as a spiritual guide, ensuring that you are not in this alone.

In this nine-day novena of reflections, you will be presented with spiritual nuggets of wisdom from Saint Jane de Chantal, the foundress of the Visitation order. The fruit that came from her work of founding a religious order will be there for you so that you can become spiritually nourished. Take off the pressure of having to make a decision, and give yourself some time to prayerful reflect upon where God is calling you in your life.

Discerning with Saint Jane
1. Standing Out with Humility
2. Discernment of One’s Disposition for Religious Life
3. Being Open to the Discernment Process
4. Growing Interiorly
5. The Health of a Community Rests on the Health of Individuals
6. Coming to Know Your Spiritual Self
7. Considering the Reality of Living Community Life
8. Placing Your Trust in Your Formator
9. Receiving Your Secret Visitation

Includes a Novena Prayer to St. Jane de Chantal.

Click here for the book:


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