Rest in Peace

srantoniaOur dear Sister Mary Antonia VHM went home to God Monday November 28, 2016.

Viewing will be Friday Dec 2 in the afternoon and evening. Sister’s Funeral Liturgy will be held Saturday December 3 at 945AM.

Thank you for your prayers.

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Nativity Mass and Tree Lighting Dec 4

The annual Nativity Mass and Tree Lighting will take place at Visitation Monastery on Sunday December 4th starting at 630PM. You are all welcome to attend.

Here is a video clip from last year’s event:

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Stupendous and Spiritual- Wow to Divine Mercy Event!

330_okazimirowski1On Sunday, November 20, 2016, Mr. Daniel DiSilva came to Visitation Monastery, Brooklyn, to present the story and the documentary on the discovery, history and travels of the Original painting of the Divine Mercy picture.

No fictional detective story can match the journey of this holy and anointed painting,executed by artist Eugene Kazimirowski under the direction of St. Faustina herself.

The DVD is now being released for purchase. You will benefit incredibly by viewing it!

The Visitation Sisters are profoundly grateful to Mr. DiSilva for his visit, presentation and stay with us. May we remain united in the Divine Mercy!

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An Interview with Mother Susan on The Image of the Divine Mercy and the Sisters of the Visitation

Mother Susan explains to us the connection between the Sisters of the Visitation and the film The Image of the Divine Mercy.  Thank you, Mother Susan, for speaking with us and helping us to see the hand of God in our rich Visitation history and in our present.

On behalf of Mother Susan and the Sisters of the Visitation, we cordially invite you to join us on November 20 to watch the film, meet the director, and ask him more questions about history, tradition and inspiration.

What prompted you to research the history of the original painting and its connection to the Sisters of the Visitation?

A young Lithuanian woman named Juste discovered our American Visitation and came to stay for 3 months with our Minneapolis community. While there Juste asked if we had a community in Lithuania. In researching this I discovered we had one in Vilnius, Lithuania until World War II. It was on this Visitation Monastery’s premises that the original picture of the Divine Mercy was painted.

What did you discover that furthers the connection between St. Faustina’s experiences and the global history of the Order of the Visitation?

St. Faustina used to come to the Visitation Monastery cottage where the artist was painting the Divine Mercy picture. After it was completed her spiritual director Fr. Sopocko showed it to the Visitation Sisters. I believe it was the delicacy of our Lord Himself who connected His revelations of the Sacred Heart to Visitation Sister St Margaret Mary to His contemporary revelation of the Heart of His Mercy to St Faustina.

Is there a connection between the way in which the Lord is depicted in the painting and the Sacred Heart, which is so important to the Visitation?

There is a similarity but the intent seems to be slightly different; He asked for reparation to the Sacred Heart from the Visitation Nuns but emphasizes Mercy to St Faustina. The two revelations can be seen as two sides to the same coin, so to speak.

As the head of the Visitation Sisters in Brooklyn, what is the main reason you want friends and neighbors to attend the film screening on November 20?

The Providence of God has led us to this screening and understanding of the history of this painting. This is the Year of Mercy and we wish to share that Mercy with our friends and neighbors as the Year draws to a close.

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Who is Sr. Faustina?

Born in Poland in 1905, Sr. Maria Faustina Kowalska belonged to the Order of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy.

Sr. Faustina received the Message of Divine Mercy from the Lord on multiple occasions during the period of 1931 – 1938.  It was as a result of these encounters, at the urging of our Lord, that Sr. Faustina painted an image of the Lord and His divine mercy.

Image via

Image via

The documentary film, The Real Image of Divine Mercy explores these events, the significance of the painting, and the ways in which divine mercy influences our individual prayer lives and our world.

We are honored to be hosting a screening of the documentary film that examines the impact of Sister Faustina – now Saint Faustina’s – faith on the global history of the Church and on our call to mercy as we wrap up the Year of Divine Mercy on November 20, 2016.


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Divine Mercy Event Nov 20 2016 at Brooklyn Monastery


kazimirowski1We have a VERY UNIQUE Opportunity and Event scheduled for Sunday November 20th 2016, the Feast of Christ the King and the last day of the Year of Divine Mercy. We would be so filled with joy if you would join us for All or PART of this day.

You will meet and learn from FILM DIRECTOR DANIEL DISILVA, view the film, The Original Image of Divine Mercy, dialogue with the Director, and reverence relics and view exhibits he will display.

A Day of Divine Mercy

Where:  Sacred Heart Chapel of the Visitation Monastery/Academy AND Alumnae ROOM

Events of the Day: Attend ALL or in Part:

9 AM- Holy Mass

10:15AM Meet and Listen to a Talk by the Director Daniel DiSilva, of the film: The Original Image of Divine Mercy

11:15AM- View the Film 

Followed by Brown Bag Lunch or other arrangements you make

 1:15PM Dialogue with the Director

Spend time viewing Exhibits and Reverencing Relics of Blessed Michael Sopocko, St Faustina’s Spiritual DIRECTOR

SPECIAL: Learn of the CONNECTION between the Divine Mercy Image and our Visitation Monastery in Vilnius Lithuania where it was Painted


Please  e mail  your response to

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More Silver Jubilee Memories!

Renewing VowsWith presiderCelebrating

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25th Jubilee of Monastery Superior

Renewing VowsSilver Jubilee!

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161st Anniversary Of Foundation

visitationbrooklynSaturday September 24, 2016 is the 161st Anniversary of the Founding of the Visitation Monastery in Brooklyn- and Brooklyn’s FIRST CONTEMPLATIVE, CLOISTERED community.

Our current location in Bay Ridge is the fourth. The Sisters moved here in 1903, but prior to that resided on Clinton Avenue and two  other sites before that address, Lawrence St and Johnson St.

We remind all parishes that we are here and always welcome retreatants to share the experience of monastic life.

Pray for us as we do for you, every day.

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ATTENTION: Sunday Mass Time Change

This Sunday September 18, 2016 Mass at Visitation Monastery will be at 8AM.

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