A Most Blessed Feast Day!!!

St. Francis de Sales Giving Our Constitutions to St. Jane de Chantal and Our First Sisters

On the Feast of our holy Founder, St. Francis de Sales, we give thanks to God for the tremendous gift He has given us in our beloved Father and Doctor of the Church.  Through his great wisdom, humility, and charity, he guides us along the path of our monastic calling to great intimacy with God.  We remember you, our friends and family, in our prayers and offerings as we pray:

O glorious St. Francis de Sales, model of the interior life and full of zeal for the salvation of souls, obtain for us the grace to use all our faculties, not only for our own salvation, but also for that of our neighbor, that continually spreading abroad the sweet odor of Jesus Christ by our prayers, words, and works, we may obtain with you the blessedness promised to the merciful, and that we may one day have a share in the glory which you enjoy in Paradise with the angels and the saints.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

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  1. Iggy says:

    Remembered all of you on St. Francis de Sales day. Grateful for your prayers, too! Wishing all of you every blessing for Lent and Easter!

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