Contemplating a Vocation to the VisitationMonastery in Brooklyn?

You mean there’s a Monastery in Brooklyn!??!!

This is often the tone of the delighted surprise we hear from those first discovering us.

We also have responded to perplexity and amazement: You take a subway to a Monastery?

Yes, there is a Monastery of the Visitation in Brooklyn, New York, with a view of the Manhattan skyscrapers, Verrazano Bridge, New York Harbor,  East River and the new Freedom Tower.

Nestled among seven acres of a cloistered garden, the Visitation Sisters intercede for the world immediately beyond, the rest of New York City, as well as for all persons in our contemporary, often frenetic world.

How do you begin to decide whether you might have a call to prayer with us here?

First, come and meet us!

With a phone call or e mail, we will set up an appointment to chat with you in our Parlor.

If God continues to draw you, we will ask for a letter from a spiritual director or Pastor and invite you to your first retreat with us.

This may be a day of recollection, an overnight weekend retreat, or a week long stay.

As you work with your spiritual guide, the Formation Directress will set up additional retreat experiences as you discern your vocation.

When you are ready you may want to make a longer live-in retreat for up to a month.

You will become more familiar with our Founders, Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane de Chantal, our spirituality and our central devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


As you finalize your employment decisions and prepare to enter the Monastery to give yourself as a Spouse of Christ, the Sisters will be praying for you and explaining all the little details necessary for entrance into the Brooklyn Monastery.

May Jesus bless your journey!  Call us at 718 745 5151 for an appointment or retreat experience, or e mail


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