Remembering Bl. Theresa of Calcutta’s Visit to Brooklyn Visitation Monastery

As we prepare for the canonization of Blessed Mother Theresa on September 4, 2016, our community in Bay Ridge is recalling Mother’s visit to our Monastery in 1986.

While only three Sisters currently in the Monastery were here at that time, as the rest of us entered since then, that day is recalled every evening at recreation when one of us sits in the CHAIR that Mother Theresa sat in!IMG_0242The metal plaque on this chair recalls the exact date of Mother Theresa’s visit:








At the time, Mother Marie Anatrella was Superior of our Brooklyn Visitation community.  One of the Missionaries of Charity was making a retreat in our Monastery, and Mother Theresa came to speak with her, as her Superior. Mother Marie took the opportunity to have the Saint speak to all the Visitandine Sisters in our Library Room.

As Mother Theresa was leaving, our students from the Visitation Academy were ending their school day and encountered the Saint on her way out. She lovingly and graciously gave the children medals.

If YOU were one of those children, perhaps you’d like to recall a memory? Write us and we will be happy to post it!

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3 Responses to Remembering Bl. Theresa of Calcutta’s Visit to Brooklyn Visitation Monastery

  1. Charleen Griffiths says:

    I graduated from Visitation in 1987. At the time of Mother Theresa’s visit I was 12 years old in and in the seventh grade.
    I can remember the excitement and awe that I felt to this day. I remember how all of the girls shared the same excitement and surrounded this tiny figure dressed in white. She was calm, quiet and had a generous smile as she handed out what I thought at the time was a “coin” to each and every student. I wish I had that “coin” now, if I had only known the significance and meaning it held. However I will always have the memory of her visit and how special it was.

  2. the Sisters says:

    Thank you Charleen, for sharing. You are always welcome to visit us. We will be having special prayers to St Teresa of Calcutta with her second class relic Fri Sept 9 at 9AM Mass.

  3. nyota says:

    Dear srs, I can’t put off thinking of you. something deep unites us profoundly. I’m sure on day we shall be together. Please, please I beg a special prayer for this, it could be a wonderful present, a miracle if i could celebrate my 36th birth day with you in a years time. Thanks for the prayers and concern.

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