Sr Ana Maria Professes Solemn Vows

The heat of this August day was no match for the burning flames of the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ Love for Sister as she made her lifelong commitment to Him. Sat. Aug 13, 2016 will be marked forever in our Monastery as one of great joy ! IMG_3409Sr Ana Maria signs her name to her handwritten vows after pronouncing them in the Chapel Sanctuary. More to come…

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2 Responses to Sr Ana Maria Professes Solemn Vows

  1. Kim says:

    My heart has rejoiced with you all today. Congratulations Sister Ana – oh to be His spouse. You are in my heart and prayers always.

  2. Maria Sanchez says:

    Congratulations on your solemn profession in the Visitation Order, Sister Ana Maria!
    I, too, am Colombian by place of birth and of my parents; Bogota and Medellin.
    How did you come to USA to be a Visitandine here? My paternal Aunt Amelia was
    a Visitation nun in Bosa, Colombia.
    May our Lord and Lady bless you in much fruitfulness and fidelity in your monastic consecration.

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